Tiffany Nicole Foster is an African American female missing from Newnan, GA. Tiffany was a criminal justice major at Georgia Military college at the time of her disappearance. She had plans to build a career in law enforcement. Tiffany was seen leaving her Lakeside apartments home in the 2800 block of Lakeside Way, in Newnan, Ga on 3/1/21. It’s said that she was on her way to get groceries but she never returned home. Her fiancé appeared at her press conference with her family and  police pleading for the community’s help in locating her, then just a few days later he was charged with theft for moving/abandoning her car days after she disappeared. A few days later he’s charged again for a kidnapping and assault charge for an incident not related to Tiffany’s current disappearance. With him pleading the fifth, the family has yet to receive any answers. Still they wonder, where is Tiffany Foster?

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