This week, Hannah Diop, Founder and CEO of Sienna Naturals, the first dermatologist-tested, responsibly sourced suite of products specifically designed for textured hair, talks about the moment she realized catering to her hair wasn’t a her problem but an industry problem, the amount of iterations she worked through to nail consistent best sellers, and the significance of leaning into her customers’ reviews as the absolute best lifeline to designing products for the future. 

Hannah and co-owner Issa Rae are approaching textured hair care through scalp health and creating a process that’s changing clean care with their proprietary Rooted Technology. 

Bio: Founded by Hannah Diop & co-owned Issa Rae, Sienna Naturals is setting a new standard for clean, plant-based performance in the textured hair care industry, one that is focused on hair and scalp health. It is the only dermatologist-tested and approved hair care line made specifically for textured hair. Just like a skincare regimen, Sienna Naturals products create Wash Day Rituals that keep textured hair and scalp healthy, enabling customers to see immediate improvement and wear their hair in all of the magnificent and diverse ways people with texture choose – without compromising on ingredients. The brand has won 6 haircare awards, including: Cosmopolitan Magazine Holy Grail, Essence Best in Black Beauty, and the Byrdie Eco Award.

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Quote: “Performance is paramount” 

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