GUEST INTERVIEW: Tovaris Wilson/DANCE HERO: Irene Cara RIP/BLAST FROM THE PAST: Atlanta’s SUPER SHOW/TOPICS: Travis & Stacy create a piece for Atlanta Jazz Theater, Young instructors on dance conventions, Dance Teachers vs. Dance Educators, Review the steps on your break, Shout out to Janet Jackson, Prince, Broadway Dance Center (Tokyo), New World School of the Arts (Miami), Gary Harrison Dance Company, Kenneth Green, Dan & Company + Artistic Director Tina Yomans, Melanie Hobbs, Kenneth Payne, Jr. (Atlanta), Ms. Inez, Ms. Alice, Dan The Man’s Family, Debbie Allen, Marguerite Derricks, Jamie King, Lori Werner, Mia Michaels, Jolin Tsai, Kida The Great, Rahsaan Patterson, Eddie Garcia, Keyausha Simpson, Tyce Diorio, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Live in the NOW! Stay ready!

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