This week, Ciara Imani May, CEO, and co-founder of Rebundle, the first proprietary braiding hair made from a non-toxic, biodegradable plant, discusses the steps she took to extend the zero waste lifestyle she desired for herself into the hair product of her dreams. Leaning into her own scalp sensitives to truly get to the root of what causes irritations to the hair when using synthetic fibers and solving a systemic problem that has been overlooked for decades. Ciara also shares more info on her historic $1.4M raise to grow her company and the future plans for Rebundle. 


Bio: Ciara Imani May, CEO, and co-founder of Rebundle is creating space for Black women in clean beauty with the first U.S -made plant-based braiding hair brand. Ciara’s combined passion for sustainability and understanding of health disparities in personal care products inspired the vision for Rebundle’s first product, braid better. Before launching Rebundle, Ciara earned her bachelor’s in business management from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her master’s in social entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. Ciara is committed to providing women with more comfort and less waste through eco-friendly and non-toxic hair extensions that we deserve.


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Quote: “People are still excited and have given us grace to get it right!” 


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