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The Eagles View podcast hosted by Gary Taylor and co-host D-Rock looks at the key focuses in life: Family, Career, Finances, Relationships, Faith and Health from a higher perspective. This view helps us look at and navigate life in new ways. Each conversation and each guest bring fresh perspectives in hopes of inspiring new actions and new outcomes for our listeners.

Hosted ByGary Taylor

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The Comparison Trap

Womens Health with Desmona Fletcher

Mens Health with Lee Haney

How to Recognize Your Gifts

Kathy Hood Trailer

This week’s special guest Kathy Hood talks about gifts. Tune in...


All of us are born with natural gifts and talents but...

Anger from a Different Perspective

The word anger often has a negative connotation.  However, anger can...

Purpose Shift

Assignment Shift

The fourth gear of Shift is Assignment. There certain things that...