Pregnancy Pearls

Dr. Plenty, is a double board-certified OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy expert. She's brilliant, well-researched with a great bedside manor.... but she is a little feisty and will "tell it like it is".

Growing tired of seeing complications in pregnancy that could have been prvented, she wanted a way to help women empower themselves through knowledge so they can advocate for themselves. This quest to educate women birthed this podcast.

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Pregnancy Nose

Oh the pregnancy nose… I know you’ve heard about it before. ...

36 Weeks Pregnant

You’re 36 weeks, so this means you’re almost done with the...

32 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

12 Weeks Pregnant

We’re on a roll with our developmental series.  So in this...

The First 8 weeks

Happy New Year, parents and parents-to-be!  With the start of 2023,...


Many of you might be in your third trimester and have...