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  • Safe Conversations w/Kelvin Waites

    The mission of Safe Conversations is to send an open invitation for all people to sit around the campfire and have a real conversation about our individual biases, culture, and diversity so that we can gain a better understanding and perspective of one another. This conversation won’t address or fix all our problems, but instead, it will act as a segue into deeper conversations. Conversations that will allow us to get a better understanding of each other. Don’t get it twisted because it's called a “Safe Conversation”, because safe doesn’t necessarily mean soft. We will unpack our individual biases, understanding that all were raised differently and come from different backgrounds and cultures.

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  • Your Signs Says

    It’s not just seeing the signs; it’s reading the signs. Astrologer Kim Allen has been reading star signs for over 20 years. Her interpretations for her clients and those that have come across her online or on the radio have been a resource for decisions in careers, relationships, family, friendships and money. On the podcast you’ll hear something for every sign in the zodiac, whether the weekly star download or a personal story of someone looking for understanding of what life brings.

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