Keepers of the Culture | Sarah Eisner of The Reparations Project – Part Two

Today, it’s uncommon for the descendants of the enslavers to meet those of the enslaved. What’s even more remarkable is for the descendent of the enslaver to care enough about her families past and what’s happening in the present, to reach out and make contact. Now you know that origins of The Reparations Project. This two part series introduces the co-founders of The Reparations Project, which was founded by the direct descendants of the enslaver, Sarah Eisner and the enslaved, Randy Quarterman who together are doing some incredible work not only healing issues from the past, but bridging the wealth gap that continues to be a significant after effect of slavery in America. In this episode, meet Sarah Eisner, Co-Founder and descendent of the Quarterman’s enslavers, who not only took the first step in reaching out to the descendent of her families’ enslaved, but is doing all that she can do to right some of the wrongs for the family, help educate others who have been affected by slavery and help preserve heirs’ property. 

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