During pregnancy, some dads can feel absolutely helpless and detached while others actually experience pregnancy symptoms themselves.  Everyone is different, but what really is the role of the dad during pregnancy?  How can dad be helpful while tolerating symptoms and, sometimes, moodiness experienced by his/her significant other carrying the baby? Well, this week, Dr. Plenty is joined by the other Dr. Plenty… her husband, James Anthony Plenty.  During this episode, the Drs. Plenty shared their relationship experience with their pregnancy.  Our host, Dr. Nicole Plenty, provided insight about pregnancy symptoms dad can actually experience. Dr. James Plenty shared pearls of wisdom about what to expect during the pregnancy, how to help your spouse deal with pregnancy symptoms, and ways to increase communication.  This one is a good one.  Download and listen to this episode now for this casual yet insightful talk between the two Drs. Plenty.

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