This week, Tomara Watkins, Founder of Loza Tam, talks about how much her background in Chemistry contributes to the performance of Loza Tam, the part hair plays in a woman’s identity, and the hardest thing to wrap her mind around. Resolved not to be an entrepreneur, Tomara found that having two generations of entrepreneurs backing her taught her to build a business that supports her life and maintains some balance.

Bio: Tomara (AKA “Tam”) is an eCommerce entrepreneur who has over 10 years of digital marketing experience growth hacking CPG and beauty brands like Bevel, Buttah Skin, Hyper Skin, and Heat Free Hair. Tomara’s background in eCommerce led her to start her own brand of texture and curl protecting hair accessories – Loza Tam – where she oversees everything from manufacturing to P&L. 

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