GUEST INTERVIEW: Super Dave @theonlysuperdave/DANCE HERO:John Carrafa/TOPICS: Travis Japan debuts new song, JUST DANCE, G. Dragon ONE OF A KIND TOUR, Travis working on INGRAM MICRO Convention in Tampa, assisted by Derrell Bullock, Stacy working on Mrs. American Pie with Carol Burnett, Dancing at 50+, Career Diversity, Manika JUST CAN’T LET YOU GO, Taking pics on set?, Tyra Banks, Kardashians, free-style vs. choreographed dance, Michael Jackson Tribute on DANCING WITH THE STARS, Diddy SOUL TRAIN AWARDS, shout out to Teddy (YG), Big Bang, Michael Cotten, Housin’ Authority, Richmond, California, MC Mandingo, Rich+Tone Talauega, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Marty Kudelka, B2K MILLENNIUM TOUR, Star Search, Tevin Campbell, O.G. McClinton, Devynne Stephens, Laurie Ann Gibson, Eshe and Omarion. Dealing with Covid protocols on set, Daring to be vulnerable, Being comfortable in your own skin.

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