Natasha Simone

Natasha Simona, a New York native, started her broadcasting career in talk radio as a morning show co-host heard among the tristate from their New York City hub. After several years of being the voice behind the mic on varying digital entertainment platforms, she branched out with media powerhouses Forbes and Conde Nast, establishing a new love for all things entertainment. Continuing her craft and wanting to revolutionize her brand, Natasha Simona segued into the beauty and skincare industry, representing an array of luxury beauty lines, where her talent and experience made her familiar face during New York City’s iconic Fashion Week. After creating magic within the world of skincare and beauty, Natasha took a complete pause to fill the biggest role in her life–raising her two sons, Amir and Ajani. In 2016 Natasha Simona packed herself and the boys up, and in a big leap of faith moved to Los Angeles to continue her love for media. Natasha Simona currently resides there with her sons, lovingly referred to as her external heartbeats. Natasha is currently working on a growing podcast, “The Natasha Simona Sequence.”