Gary Taylor

Armed with the gift of communication and public speaking, Gary Taylor has helped people realize growth and success in their families, businesses, careers, and lives for decades. From audiences over 5,000 to inmate groups of 50, Gary provides the tools needed to answer life’s most probing questions.

Growing up in a small church in Ansonia, Connecticut, Gary learned to captivate an audience early – speaking for several high-profile events throughout high school. After delivering a powerful rendition of MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech, Gary recalls getting approached by a teacher with tears in his eyes. The teacher told Gary that his speech reminded him of the first time he’d heard Dr. King; and insisted that Gary must continue to use his public speaking gift to transform lives.

Through this challenge, and a strong desire to motivate by way of words, Gary founded Eagle View Concepts, a life coaching business that inspires, motivates and empowers individuals to view life from a higher perspective. Gary has delivered speeches for over ten thousand people searching for financial literacy, personal development, and tangible, actionable success strategies.