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Eliza Parrilla

Eliza Parilla

Eliza Parrilla

Host Of Wardrobe Boss

As a New York City native, Eliza found inspiration in her surroundings, including taking in the fashion sense of her fellow New Yorkers. Blessed with an extraordinary eye for style, she decided to pursue her dream to coach others on how to find their own unique brand of style – a vision fueled by a passion to help men and women live life as the best versions of themselves. With a strong knowledge of designer collections, haute couture, vintage, and contemporary designers, Eliza brings 10 years of experience in the luxury sector as a personal stylist. She is the proprietress of  Wardrobe Boss, a complete lifestyle concierge service specializing in personal shopping, event styling, wardrobe audits using the KONMARI method, and specialized storage and valet service for clients. Eliza also gifts her services to charitable groups, the Grace Institute and the Bowery Women’s and Men’s Mission of New York.

Eliza’s motto is, “Style is personal creation”, and she lives to encourage all individuals to dress their personal best.

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